Residential Building Lots

4 Acre Undeveloped Residential Building Lot



  • Undeveloped residential land located at the back of the Bedell Winery.

  • Approximately 4 acres.  No access to the residential lot is currently established.

  • Property backs up (northwest lot line) directly to the Long Island railroad tracks.

  • Easement would need to be provided/negotiated with owners of 2540, 2700, 2890, 3290, 3430 Bridge Lane properties -OR- property would have to be accessed through the Bedell Vineyards.  However, with that land being strictly agricultural, you would likely NOT be able to install an “improved” driveway through the middle of the vineyard land.  Easement option would be most viable for development of the land.

  • Currently, the land is used as wildlife preserve and plays a part in the “CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE” stamp the three vineyards carry.