Endelss Possibilities


Current Operation 

  • Bedell receives over 100,000 visitors each year for wine tastings and events. We have a Wine Club with 2,000 members around the country who receive quarterly shipments through the mailing list. We host about 25 weddings each summer for 200+ guests. Distribution network in 8 states plus Japan. Wine placed on wine list at more than 250 restaurants in New York City and Long Island/Hamptons.

  • The Bedell Winery properties are certified sustainable.

  • Bedell Winery has DISTRIBUTION.  Southern Wines & Spirits has distributed Bedell Wines for 20+ years.  This, apparently, is a VERY LARGE selling point, as domestic distribution for a US winemaker is very hard to get.  Any potential buyer who may have other wineries/vineyards will find this to be important, as they could potentially use the distribution of Bedell to sell their other wines.

  • Comparison: Martha Clara Vineyard is 200 acres with 100 acres which have development rights.  It just sold for $15M

Bedell Cellars

  • Winery averages 20 weddings per year at a cost of $18-$25K per wedding for up to 300 people.  This fee is only a SITE FEE/RENTAL for the use of the winery.

  • Most weddings take place on the 4,000 SF mahogany pavilion outside.

  • Weddings must purchase and serve only Bedell Wines and this usually brings another $6-$8K to the winery.

  • Winery has NO FOOD PREPARATION permits/kitchen.  Therefore, wedding caterers must bring in their own mobile commercial kitchen, which gets set up under a tent on the crushing pad.

  • Mobile bathrooms must be brought in for weddings.

  • Weddings make use of the English gardens and fountain at the cottage for wedding photos.

Cottage Residence

  • It is likely possible, if the ownership of the cottage were held by an individual, that the “homeowner” could lease the cottage to a wedding party for bridal suites.  However, it is not permitted for the WINERY to both own and lease the cottage to a bridal party.

  • When Bedell is closed for weddings, Corey Creek hosts tastings for visitors to try Bedell wines.

  • Property hosts weddings of no more than 70 people for $7,500 per site fee. There are no kitchen facilities, so caterers must bring in their own mobile kitchens and mobile bathrooms must be brought in, as well.

  • Property permitted as a farm/winery, so it IS possible for the property to operate as a self-sufficient vineyard and winery. 

  • The barn was constructed to have wine-making facilities in the basement, however, Bedell Vineyards relies on the grapes grown at Corey Creek for it’s own production, so as of right now, Corey Creek wines are made at Bedell.

Corey Creek

Wells Road Vineyard

  • 100% agriculturally zoned.

  • Property used to grow and supply grapes to the Bedell Winery. 

  • There are no structures on the property or improved driveways. 

  • The vineyard is 100% sustainable (CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE) and is self-irrigating. (Dry farmed)  There is no irrigation system and the grapes grow with only the rain that falls.