Wells Road Vineyard



The Wells Road location is 23 acres and strictly agricultural.  Like all of Bedell’s properties the vineyard is certified 100% sustainable with no irrigation. Three varieties of grapes are grown which include vines that are 25 years old. 

Bedell Cellars production4.jpg


Property used to grow and supply grapes to the Bedell Winery. There are no structures on the property or improved driveways. The vineyard is 100% sustainable (CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE) and is self-irrigating. (Dry farmed) There is no irrigation system and the grapes grow with only the rain that falls.

Over 22 Acres of Grape Vines (25 Year Old Red Vines)

  • 11.7 acres of Merlot,

  • 6.8 acres of Cabernet Franc

  • 4 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon